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Ada kalanya Allah memberikan kesenangan kepada kita bukan untuk menyenangkan kita, tetapi supaya kita dapat menjadi orang yang menyenangkan orang lain....semoga saya mampu menyenangkan anda ketika di teratak ini...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


(somebody just send this to me)

To All my female friends, Be careful of this cab: HWC 244
To all the KL and PJ drivers out there:......
Please be warned that there is an orange Proton cab with the number
plate HWC 244 (name of cab company - Innovasi Timur Sdn Bhd )who is
out to get single women drivers, for unknown reasons but we believe
potentially to rape and kill. The cab is driven by a fat and bald Malay man
(occasionally with two other men in the car who look like
Indonesians) who have been going around doing the following (possibly amongst others) to get women to come out of their cars by attempting to create an accident:
1. Cutting into your lane quickly so that you have to swerve to
avoid an accident.
2. Braking suddenly on a road where there is just you and
3. Driving extremely slowly in front of you and then when you
overtake, he will try to knock into you by swerving into your lane.
It is very likely that more than one woman have experienced
the attempts of the driver of this cab but it is unknown if he has
been successful in raping/murdering any woman yet. Please don't let it happen to
Please be very observant and careful to look out for this
cab,especially when you are travelling on a quiet road by yourself.
There have been so many rape cases lately ( e.g. the one in Centrepoint) so
please warn your loved ones - wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, etc to be
extra extra careful and to watch out for cabs and cars like HWC 244
and other similar perpetrators.

hmmm..nampaknya kita nie sentiasa tak selamat walau dimana sahaja berada.ramai sangat orang yang suka mengambil kesempatan dan membuat cara mudah untuk mendapat kan wang......orang sekarang dah tak takut undang undang nampaknya? undang -undang kita tak cukup bagus ke?


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