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Thursday, January 11, 2007

SUPERMAN muncul Di Subway Train New York....

sebuah kisah benar mengenai kemanusiaan yang menarik di baca.......

NYC Subway Savior: 'I'm Not A Hero'

You should do the right thing.
The construction worker who rescued a stranger from an oncoming subway train has become a national hero. But Wesley Autrey doesn't see it that way.

"I'm still saying I'm not a hero ... 'cause I believe all New Yorkers should get into that type of mode," he said on CBS' "The Early Show" Thursday. "You should do the right thing."

On an interview that aired on ABC's "Good Morning America": "I don't want people to blow this out of proportion."

Nonetheless, Autrey's phone has been ringing off the hook -- some of the callers complete strangers so inspired by his bravery that they offered rewards. Besides appearing on several morning television shows Thursday, he was set to tape an appearance on David Letterman's CBS "Late Show" and visit City Hall to be honored by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Quite the day for the 50-year-old construction worker and father of three.

It's all hitting me now," Wesley Autrey said Wednesday as he reflected on his risky rescue of a 19-year-old who had fallen onto a subway track as a train was approaching.

Looking back on his dramatic decision to jump onto to the tracks and push the young man into a gap between the rails, Autrey said he told himself, "Wow, you did something pretty stupid."

But even knowing that he narrowly escaped injury or potentially death, the 50-year-old Harlem construction worker doesn't regret his choice.

"I did something to save someone's life," Autrey said.

Waiting for a downtown Manhattan train, he saw Cameron Hollopeter, a film student, suffering from some kind of medical episode. After stumbling down the platform, Hollopeter, of Littleton, Mass., fell onto the tracks with a train on its way into the station.

Autrey, traveling with his two young daughters, knew he had to do something.

"If I let him stay there by himself, he's going to be dismembered," the Navy veteran remembered thinking.

He jumped down to the tracks, a few feet below platform level, and rolled with the young man into a drainage trough -- cold, wet and more than a little unpleasant smelling -- between the rails as the southbound No. 1 train came into the 137th Street/City College station.

The train's operator saw someone on the tracks and put the emergency brakes on. Some train cars passed over Autrey and Hollopeter with only a couple of inches to spare, but neither man suffered any harm from the incident.

Hollopeter was taken to a nearby hospital; Autrey refused medical attention -- and then went to work.

Autrey went by the hospital on Wednesday afternoon for a visit with Hollopeter and his family. Afterward, he and Hollopeter's father addressed reporters.

"Mr. Autrey's instinctive and unselfish act saved our son's life," dad Larry Hollopeter said, his voice choking up. "There are no words to properly express our gratitude and feelings for his actions."

The unusual rescue with its happy ending brought the media horde to Autrey. He spent the day doing interviews, mainly at his mother's apartment, where his sister Linda had been pressed into service as phone answerer and scheduler. Calls came in from all over the country, offering rewards, as people found themselves inspired by Autrey's bravery.

His mother was beaming over him.

"It was dangerous, what he done, but I'm proud of him, that God had him in the right place at the right time so he could help somebody," Mary Autrey said. "That's our upbringing, helping people."

(CBS) NEW YORK What an unbelievable week for subway hero Wesley Autrey. On Tuesday, he risked his life to save another man. On Thursday night, he appeared on "The Late Show With David Letterman," and on Friday he's heading to Los Angeles for more talk show appearances because people just can't get enough of him.

Autrey never imagined saving another man's life would land him an appearance with David Letterman two days later.

"I was like, 'Go help the man! You can do it!' That's what my mind told me," Autrey said.

Autrey told Letterman what happened after he jumped onto the tracks at the 137th Street station to rescue Cameron Hollopeter, a film student who had fallen off the platform after suffering from a seizure.

The construction worker had to get on top of Hollopeter and lay in between the train's wheels to keep both of their arm and legs from being severed.

"And I got this guy steady, and I got him locked down and I'm like, 'Excuse me sir, I don't know you, and you don't know me,' you know," Autrey said.

After the train rolled over the two of them, they had to wait for the power to be turned off before they could move.

"I had to wait another 20 minutes, and this guy wanted me off of him," Autrey said. "I was like, 'Please sir, you got to stay still.' So what I did, I struck up a conversation with him, and that kept him easy."

Letterman responded with a laugh, "So, are you from the area? Where you heading?"

It was an exciting day all around. Earlier in the day, Mayor Bloomberg gave Autrey the city's highest civilian award -- and free subway fare for a year.

Then there was the $10,000 check from Donald Trump.

It turns out that Autrey, a construction worker, worked on the Trump Towers off of West 66th Street.

Trump, "I knew he was good; I see that."

Just ask his two daughters, who saw it all that morning, and watched Thursday night as their dad become New York City's newest hero.

"Thank you [for] the tremendous example. It means a great deal to the city of New York to know that people do things like this," Letterman said.

When asked, Autrey said there is no question he would do it all again if he had to.

Autrey was also rewarded with an all-expense-paid trip to Disney World for him and his daughters. He also has received $2,500 from the New York Film Academy to start a scholarship fund for his children, and tickets and a backstage tour to the Broadway musical "The Lion King."

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said this is turning out to be a week of heroes in New York City.

Just days after Autrey saved a fellow straphanger, two brothers from the Bronx saved a toddler who fell four stories off a fire escape.

Niezam Phg says....

Saya cuma terfikir kalau Hollopeter tu tinggal kat malaysia mungkin dah lama dia di geles sahaja train komuter tersebut.dan menjadi seprpihan berger sahaja...sebabnya kita tak der superman...maksud saya..dalam keadaan genting macam tu tak ada yang berani ker depan..yang jadi pelakon tambahan dan memegang watak pak pacak ramailah..kalau tak percaya cubalah tengok kalau kat jalan negara kita ada kemalangan sikit. alamatnya berkilometer jalan akan jem sebab pemandu akan memperlahankan kenderaan dan masing masing menjadi tukang sibuk ingin mengetahui apa yang berlaku...

kalau ada yang menolong pun..tolong simpankan barang barang berharga orang yang eksiden tu..bukan untuk di pulangkan tetapi di simpan terus menjadi hak milik.... saya tak tahu apa dah jadi dengan masyarakat kita yang nyata kita semakin berdikari dan tak suka campur hal orang......sikap nak menolong tu agak kureng sikit kalau tak der kepentingan.....

saya tumpang kagum dengan Autrey's kerana sanggup mempertaruhkan nyawanya.. membiarkan train itu melalui beberapa inchi sahaja atas kepalanya yang mana mungkin tindakannya itu boleh memadamkan namanya dari dunia ini semata mata untuk menyelamatkan seorang kulit putih bernama Hollopeter itu....


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