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Ada kalanya Allah memberikan kesenangan kepada kita bukan untuk menyenangkan kita, tetapi supaya kita dapat menjadi orang yang menyenangkan orang lain....semoga saya mampu menyenangkan anda ketika di teratak ini...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Melayu murtad dah ada website?Nauzubillah

Welcome to Murtads from Malaysia!

This site is about and dedicated to:

- people who are living in Malaysia and are forced to be Muslims when they don't want to be Muslims;

- people who are from Malaysia that were forced to be Muslims when they were in Malaysia;

- people who are no longer living in Malaysia but still have problems as a result of not being a Muslim and

- any person that has abandoned the Islamic faith and lifestyle that is related to Malaysia somehow!

People from Malaysia who are no longer Muslim

Click on our names to read our stories.

If you would like to see yourself or anyone you know in the list above, click here.

"Muslims who wish to convert from Islam face severe obstacles. For Muslims, particularly ethnic Malays, the right to leave the Islamic faith and adhere to another religion is a controversial question, and in practice it is very difficult for Muslims to change religions legally. The legal process of conversion is unclear. In 2001 a High Court judge rejected the application of a woman who argued that she had converted to Christianity and requested that the term "Islam" be removed from her identity card. The judge ruled that an ethnic Malay is defined by the Constitution as "a person who professes the religion of Islam." The judge also reaffirmed a 1999 High Court ruling that secular courts have no jurisdiction to hear applications by Muslims to change religions and stated that only an Islamic court has jurisdiction to rule on the woman's supposed renunciation of Islam and conversion to Christianity. In August 2002, the Court of Appeals ruled that only the Islamic court is q! ualified to determine whether a Muslim has become an apostate. These rulings make conversion of Muslims nearly impossible in practice.

The issue of Muslim apostasy is very sensitive. In 1998 after a controversial incident of attempted conversion, the Government stated that apostates (Muslims who wish to leave or have left Islam for another religion) would not face government punishment as long as they did not defame Islam after their conversion. Leaders of the opposition Islamic Party have stated that the penalty for apostasy should be death.

Abuses of Religious Freedom

The Government continues to monitor the activities of the Shi'a minority, and the Government can detain members of what it considers Islamic "deviant sects," i.e., groups that do not follow the official Sunni teachings, without trial or charge under the Internal Security Act (ISA). According to the Government, no individuals were detained under the ISA for religious reasons as of the end of the period covered by this report.

The Government is concerned that "deviationist" teachings could lead people astray and cause divisions among Muslims. Therefore, members of such groups can be arrested and detained, with the consent of the Shari'a (Islamic) court, in order to be "rehabilitated" and returned to the "true path of Islam." In May 2002, the Government revealed that the Malaysian Islamic Development Department has been able to "rehabilitate" hundreds of followers from 125 "deviationist" groups after they underwent "counseling" at a faith rehabilitation center in the state of Negeri Sembilan.

In 2000 the Shari'a High Court in the state of Kelantan, which is controlled by the Islamic opposition party, sentenced four persons to 3 years in prison for disregarding a lower court order to recant their alleged heretical beliefs and "return to the true teachings of Islam." The High Court rejected their argument that Shari'a law has no jurisdiction over them because they had ceased to be Muslims. Dismissing their appeal, the Court of Appeal ruled in August 2002 that only the Shari'a court is qualified to determine whether a Muslim has become an apostate. "- US Department of State, 2003

Niezam Phg says...
Saya rasa tak perlulah saya meletakkan link ker website itu nanti nampak macam mempromosikan pulak web tersebut.tak pasal pasal saya dapat saham dosanya.lagi pun di situ terdapat pengakuan mereka kenapa mereka murtad.kalau tak kuat iman nanti takut tergelincir pulak aqidah kita. saya cuma nak memberitahu bahawa mereka ini mendapat sokongan yang sangat kuat dari anasir anasir asing yang memang mencari peluang untuk memurtadkan seramai mungkin orang islam dinegara kita.....semoga kita terselamat dari dakyah mereka itu...


  • At September 20, 2006, Anonymous widat said…

    ....MasyaAllah is said when we see something nice or something we like......

  • At September 21, 2006, Blogger Niezam Phg said…

    oh yer ker.aper perkataan yg sesuai untuk mengatakan yang kita tak sangka dan terkejut?.nauzubillah?..boleh ker?

  • At September 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i juz wonder why..
    tak takut hukum Allah ker?
    can't we do sumtin?
    i always n always pray for malaysian nyer safety..naya jer kalau dpt tempias bala yg Allah turun for the murtad people...

  • At September 29, 2006, Anonymous Mawarliar said…

    Kenapa tiada tindakan dari pejabat agama ha????? Masa Anita Serawak nak kawin dgn Brorey (masa tu Brorey kan kristian) sibuk orang nak simbah asid. Ni kenapa takda yg ambil tindakan.


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