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Friday, January 26, 2007

Beware of a crazy people on the road

What kind of world are we living in nowadays?

Dear all,
Just want to share my accident that happened to me last Monday ( 11/12/2006 ) to warn everyone to beware while on the road.

The story goes like this......
About 9.00 am, I parked my car opposite KPMG KL office along road, Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights and went up to office to handle some
miscellaneous administration work before heading to my client's place. I left the office and headed to my car around 9.15am . When I reached
my car boot, I felt a sharp pain on my head spreading through my brain and my sight started to blur. Subsequently I lost my balance and fell down on
the road while pressing my wounded head.

I realized that an Indian motorist in a blue t-shirt with black helmet used a stone weighted approximately 1 kg to knock at the back of head.
He had no intention to steal or snatch my handbag as my handbag was on my left while he attacked me on my right side.

I managed to stand up and slowly walked back to the office lobby with the help of my colleague. My colleague tried to stop my head from blooding
heavily and tried to get a vehicle to send me to the nearest hospital.

Fortunately, I managed to reach the hospital (Pantai Hospital ) with my colleague's help without bleeding too much. The doctor had to shave my
wounded part on my head and made 8 stitches on it. Luckily, there was no fracture on my skull and just a swollen on the back of my head. I was
discharged the same day and rest for 1 week before getting my stitches out.

Additional Information....
On the same day, I was told by the doctor that there was another case where a woman was also knocked on her head by a motorist at the bus
stop just few hours after my admission to Pantai Hospital .

Furthermore, I was informed by my friend that her sister's boyfriend was also injured on the head by an Indian motorist with a bottle glass at
Kepong and had few stitches on his head too. There was no motive of snatching or steal shown by the motorist. He was informed by the police
that he was the 6th victim in 2 days.

Police side......
According to the police, there is no trail to find the suspect. The suspect is now still wondering around in Kuala Lumpur looking for more victims.

Word of advice.....
Therefore, please try to walk in a group or opposite direction of the road to avoid such accident happen to you. Maybe we need to wear helmet
while walking on the road in the future.

Low Yin Leng
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KPMG Malaysia
Chartered Accountants
Wisma KPMG, Jalan Dungun
Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur

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Niezam Phg says...

orang tu dah boring jadi manusia agaknya. pemikiran setaraf binatang.tak pikir ker batu sebesar itu terkena kepala seorang manusia????.......entahlah

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