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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hati-hati bila isi minyak kereta Anda

For those who drive in malaysia, please be aware of this....

My girlfriend was "swindled" of her paid petrol at the Taman Puchong Prima Station.
The modus operandi:

2 Guys at the station, 1 waiting near the payment counter, 1 holding two empty tanks waiting nearby the pumpstation.While my girlfriend moved towards the payment counter, the guy near the payment counter unintentionally cut her queue and made a minimum payment at the counter (eg; Rm5). After paying, knowing which pump station my
girlfriend came from, he quickly signalled his friend with the empty tanks to go to the pump station. When my girlfriend paid, the cashier activated the pump for the paid amount. Before she could walk back to her car, the guy has already started filling up the petrol at my gf's pump station.

When she asked what he was doing, he simply showed her the receipt saying that he has paid. Not knowing what was going on, she just waited for him to finish. The meter showed the exact amount that she has paid. She realised something was amissed. When she lift the pump for her turn, no petrol came out. The guy has swindled her paid petrol. Eventually she found out that the guy paid RM5 for another pump, and used her's which she paid RM50 instead.

She complained to the petrol attendant but that guy just turned a deaf ear,saying it wass not his fault and asked my gf to chase after that 2 guys! What the heck?? Is that how you trained your staff to be helpful to your customers?!!It's giving a bad image to your station. He kept on saying that he would lose if he gave her back what she paid. Then who's paying back what she lost?? After 30mins of argument and with the help of other customers and asking to see the CCTV, the attendant finally gave in.

I've already complained to the Petronas via their website, not sure whether they are going to do anything about it until something really bad happen!(Malaysian syle...sighhh!)

Luckily her car was locked and not robbed of her valuables by the guy waiting at the pump. REMEMBER to always lock your car eventhough you are away for a second.

Pass this on.....

Niezam Phg says...

Tak reti nak komen panjang panjang.berhati hati jer la..


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