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Thursday, December 07, 2006


Pass it on !
Hong Kong has ordered stores to pull 16 popular Japanese & Chinese
snacks off their shelves because they contain an unapproved sweetener
which some studies have linked to cancer and other health problems.
The products are :

1. Glico chocolate pretzels,

2. Kiss mints,

3. Pringles potato crisps (mild salt flavor),

4. Kiku Prawn Crackers,

5. Kiku cuttlefish crackers,

6. Koebisen cuttlefish crackers,

7. Ika Mirin shrimp crackers,

8. Kiariri prawn-flavoured pretzels,

9. Nissin cup udon (beef, curry and tempura flavours),

10. Nissin UFO Oomori Yaki Soba Instant Noodles,

11. Nissin Tatsujin Tonkatsu Ramen Instant Noodles,

12. Natchoro sweetener

13. Qiaqia melon seeds from mainland China,

14. Popular chocolate and strawberry flavoured Glico Pocky biscuit sticks,

15. Garlic Chip Rice Crackers,

16. Koikeya Don Tacos Spicy Beef.

They had also been removed from sale in Singapore after labs found they contained STEVIOSIDE,a sugar-substance not approved for consumption in HongKong or Singapore.

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